Week 1
Understand Anger

1. Understand the underlying issues that cause anger
2. Understand how grief and loss can lead to anger
3. What happens when I get angry?
4. Weighing up the costs vs the benefits of anger

Week 2
Manage & Resolve Anger

5. Who or what am I angry about?
6. Communication skills and conflict resolution
7. Understanding forgiveness & the forgiveness process

Week 3
Legal Issues & aftercare

8. Where to from here?

Legal issues of explosive anger & rage.

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1. Why this program?

Anger Management & Conflict Resolution Program Gold Coast (www.anger.org.au) will help you understand and manage your anger so that it doesn’t explode into rage. At the end of the day, the only thing that brings joy and meaning to life is having loving meaningful relationships with family and friends. The purpose of this program is to help you develop a better quality of life by improving your relationships.

This program is also ideal for supervisors and managers to help them develop communication and conflict resolution skills with work colleagues. 

This training is tax deductible as a work related expense and enables supervisors and managers to maintain professional development and upskilling.

This Anger Management course is of three (3) weeks duration and runs every MONDAY night.

Last week 1 cycle starts on Mon 13 Nov 17 & finishes Mon 27 Nov 17.

2018 week 1 starts Mon 15 Jan 18

We thank our sponsors and the Gold Coast City Council for their generous donations which has enabled us to offer this program for 1/2 price.

Now $145 instead of $290. Concession for students as well as centrelink cards is $73 instead of $145.

It involves 6 contact hours over 3 weekly sessions with trained professionals…

It is a known fact that anger and violence in our community causes dysfunction, devastation and tragedy. Anger and violence also places a huge economic and social strain on our community and its resources.

Quite frankly, it can devastate lives for generations to come.

The Anger Management & Conflict Resolution program is tailored for those individuals who have been charged with offences by the police, or are 1st time Respondents in Domestic Violence Applications, as well as people who want to develop skills to overcome the harmful effects of rage on themselves and their loved ones.

The aim of this course is to provide these individuals with a brief intervention program that will provide them with skills to identify triggers causing anger and ways in which to manage these triggers. There are currently no brief intervention courses or services in this area being offered and those that are available, can be very expensive (through private practitioners), or take a lot of time to complete, (from 12 – 26 weeks). This expense or significant duration of time, may create barriers to help and set people up for failure, particularly when they are best suited to a brief intervention program.

The principle supporting this program is that a brief intervention provides clinical pathways into further treatment. Research affirms that if people have experienced the benefit of a brief intervention, then they are more likely to engage with further intensive services when they need them. The benefit of this program is that charges / domestic violence matters can dealt with quickly and efficiently through the court system.

A major advantage of this course to the court is to provide another resource to deal with and manage offenders in the community. The court may be able to consider the completion of this course when assessing the factors of rehabilitation, deterrence, and community protection pursuant to s.9 of the Penalties and Sentences Act. Further, court may be able to consider the completion of this course when assessing issues pertaining to the making of Domestic Violence Orders for 1st time offenders and the conditions contained therein.

If the individual attends and satisfactorily participates in the course, then they will receive a certificate of Participation and Completion which can be presented to the court in their matter. Further, this course could form part of the conditions of the individual’s probation / parole as determined by their case officer.

2. Repeating the program for free

We are committed to helping people develop healthier relationships, which means they experience more joy in life and we contribute to building a healthier community. This is the goal for our program.

Please note that if people have completed the program, they are welcome to come back within 12 months for free to repeat the program as there is a lot of information that is covered in the 3 weeks.

If people have paid and have not completed the program, they are always welcome to complete the sessions missing and even repeat the sessions they have already sat through. Again without charge. The dates are on the calendar below…

3. Lawyers may attend the full program for free

We understand that it is easier to refer a client to a service when you have experienced it yourself, or you know the person you are referring to. We warmly welcome any lawyer that would like to attend the program without charge to help them experience the potential benefit for their clients.

4. Would you like more brochures?

If you have run out of the attached brochure (http://www.anger.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Anger-Management-Brochure-2017.pdf ), or you would like some more posted out, please let us know.

We sincerely thank you for your referrals and we look forward to seeing you or your clients at the program. If there is anything else you would like to know, please feel welcome to call or email anytime.

Have a great week…:)

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Where and When

Anger Management & Conflict Resolution Program Gold Coast runs every MONDAY night at 6:45pm for a 3 week cycle.

It finishes around 8:45pm.

We thank our sponsors and the Gold Coast City Council for their generous donations which has enabled us to offer this program for 1/2 price.

Now $145 instead of $290. Concession for students as well as centrelink cards is $73 instead of $145.

This is a rotating program, so participants can start on any week and complete the 3 sessions in any order, as long as all of weeks 1, 2 and 3 are eventually completed.

If you don’t have deadlines for court, it is better to start on week 1, as the information flows better and it builds on each week. If you click on the calendar above, you can see which week we are up to. If you click the monthly view, then you can check dates ahead of time.

The program will run for 45 weeks in the year, with 4 weeks off between school terms; Easter (2), July (1) & September (1) and 3 weeks off from Christmas week, to mid-January when courts reconvene.

Participants must enrol first on 0481 811 555 and arrive 6:30pm on the first night and then 6:45pm each other night for registration, as security lock doors when the course starts 7pm SHARP.

Please bring a pen and notepad to take notes.

Corner of Monaco St & Gold Coast Hwy Surfers Paradise QLD 4217 Gold Coast. (Opposite Crown Plaza)

Who can attend?

Anyone who wants to learn how to manage and control their anger.

Participants must not abuse staff or attend under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. If so, security will ask them to leave & repeat that topic on the next 3 wk cycle.

Management also has the right to refuse entry to people who present in this way.

Photo ID required each of the 3 nights and insurance indemnity must be signed.

No cash accepted on premises.

Without payment first, course cannot commence and no paperwork can be given or certificate issued

Enrol & Pay (now 1/2 price…!!!)